Larraine Segil is a renaissance woman. Wikipedia describes her as a South African-born entrepreneur, attorney, advisor, lecturer, author, board member and urban farmer. Here you will find lots of free valuable information on Alliances, Leadership, Cross Border Challenges and more. You will have access to Larraine's books, articles, videos, seminars and conferences on a variety of topics. Register for Larraine's FREE newsletter which will keep you on the cutting edge regarding business insights on alliances and other management topics as well as discussion forums for you to share your challenges with us and some of the thousands of executives who have participated in our alliance, strategy, leadership and cross cultural programs. All of this is available to you - Register Now! If you already registered, just log in below.
In her ‘spare time’ Larraine is also ROCKIN’ GRANDMA! Visit her Rockin' Grandma Music site.

Drucker Institute

Watch consultant Larraine Segil of Vantage Partners explain why strong leadership is essential to a successful alliance. Segil has established a scholarship fund to promote the study of strategic-alliance competency as part of a concurrent degree program between the Drucker School of Management and Southwestern Law School
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Frontier Communications Corporation (NYSE: FTR) announced that Larraine D. Segil, a member of its Board of Directors, has been appointed by TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training, to be a member of the Strategic Alliances Advisory Group. The programme is co-sponsored by UNICEF, UNDP, the World Bank and the World Health Organization and is set up to help foster an effective global research effort on infectious diseases of poverty.
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Larraine @ Caltech

Attend Strategic Alliances for the most up to date information on alliance management in poor economic times.

What are the benefits of strategic alliances in tough times?
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Directorship Magazine Quote

Larraine has been quoted in an article on Executive Compensation by the Directorship Magazine
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Please join us on Thursday, December 4th to hear Larraine Segil speak on, “Internal Alliances.”
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Another Great Testimonial

Testimonial from Senior Executive of a Global company regarding Larraine Segil and her Strategic Alliances Program at Caltech:
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5 Ways to Make Alliances Work

The Executive March/April 2008
Creating, building and managing successful alliances is a capability that is critical to associations and companies of all sizes. As global markets become more complex needing essential local expertise, and as industries in media, communications and all their supporting technologies converge, competition intensifies. Alliances enable organizations to focus on what they do best, while leveraging their assets to save time and cost, in relationships with other symbiotic organizations. Read the rest of this entry

Caltech Webinars

For the past 23 years Larraine Segil has presented a two day program on Alliances at The California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA. Here you can find links to recent Webinars that she did for Caltech, on Innovation Alliances. (course) (bio) (critical business discussions web page)

PODCAST – The Working Week 45
March 12, 2008

Wayne talks to author, consultant and business executive, Larraine Segil, about inspiring innovation through alliances and partnerships – both internal and external.
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Establishing Partnerships

by Matt Alderton

When Rob Basso started his business, he knew he was at a disadvantage. Smaller and less established than his competitors in the payroll services field, Basso lacked the capital, manpower and resources that the larger firms enjoyed. In order to level the playing field, he knew he had to creatively market and grow his business. To become immediately competitive, Basso decided to align his startup company with local accounting firms, 100 of which he now calls partners.
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