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From Integration To Execution: HP At One

By T.C. Doyle & Sonia R. Lelii, VARBusiness
From the May 07, 2003 issue of VARBusiness

When Rich Tear, president and co-founder of CSCI, a privately held VAR based in San Diego, first heard that his then-top vendor partner had agreed to merge with Hewlett-Packard in what would later turn out to be the biggest merger in high-tech history, his first reaction was, “Oh Compaq, not this.”
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Merging Corporate Cultures

Looking beyond the bottom line will ease tensions
By Erin Flynn
Diversity Channel Now Correspondent
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Golden Rules of Alliances

In today’s economy, strategic alliances are a competitive advantage. While attractive rates of internal growth are hard to sustain and fluctuating share prices make acquisition valuations a challenge, savvy companies are increasingly turning to alliances to enable them to penetrate new markets, develop technology, and better manage their supply chain and customers.
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Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

Workforce, December 2002

…And how can HR get them back? Corporate heroes are retiring and disappearing in disgrace. The nature of leadership is changing. And HR is helping to fill the vacuum with a galaxy of new stars.
By Shari Caudron

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December 02, 2002

Many supply relationships would generate far more value if they were managed like alliances. A supply alliance that looks costly in the first stages of development may create great returns in the last stage of development. However if the relationship is seen purely as a supply process, there is little chance of it maturing into a life-stage where the maximum financial benefit is realized for all concerned.
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Strategy Insight: MERGER OF EQUALS

September 2000

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Creating Alliances That Work

May 1997
CEO Refresher

Why do fifty-five percent of alliances fall apart three years after conception? How can the potential for alliance success be increased?
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Do we take team play too far?

Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal
By: Christine Fanning

The idea of teamwork conjures up images of pleasant, intelligent people, generously and patiently collaborating around the conference table.
It’s an ideal toward which all companies strive.
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In My Opinion, FORBES
Larraine Segil, 07.18.02

Did you eat any fresh corn on the cob last weekend? Or cool down with a Frappacino? Sneezing from allergies this summer? Maybe you considered packing up the kids or grandkids and making a summer visit to one of The Walt Disney Co.’s properties worldwide?

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SLEEPING with the ENEMY – electronic commerce business partners
Chief Executive, The, April, 2001 by Betty Spence

In B2B, e-communities can make for strange — though not entirely unpleasant — bedfellows

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