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STRATEGIC ALLIANCE CLASS‐Student Course Evaluations
1.  What are the strengths of the Professor or course? In particular, what did the Professor do to facilitate
your learning?

2.  What are the weaknesses of the Professor or course? In particular, what could the professor have done to improve your learning:

3.  To what extent did the course materials facilitate your learning of course’s subject matter?

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Recommendation for Conference Board Speaking Event

Dear Larraine –

I wanted to personally thank you for participating in the Conference Board’s Fall Symposium on Executive Compensation sponsored by Farient Advisors. Your panel, “Linking Leadership and Succession Strategy to Compensation” was extremely well-received and you, personally, were a stand-out with our audience of compensation committee members, investors, and senior human resource executives. The work you are doing at Frontier Communications and in other venues in the areas of leadership, mentoring, and succession planning are clearly best practice, and our attendees recognized it as such. You received top marks in the formal evaluation of the conference, and in the “informal evaluation” at the cocktail reception. Please accept my sincerest thanks for making this program a great success.

Very best regards,


Chief Executive Officer
Farient Advisors LLC

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Testimonial – 2012 Fall Executive Conference


On behalf of The Conference Board, I want to thank you for your time and superlative effort in helping to make the 2012 Fall Executive Conference a great success. You were an outstanding panelist, and the audience evaluations recognized you as such. Your insights and comments were timely and provocative. It was great to meet you, and I hope that we will continue to have opportunities to interact and collaborate in the future.


Yale D. Tauber

Independent Compensation Committee Adviser, LLC

Latest Testimonial – ELMI

The Executive Leadership & Management Institute

Dear Larraine,

The group’s rating of your topic was very high with great
comments on what they learned and tools for their institution.

We hope you will consider returning as faculty for ELMI or
another WACUBO educational program!

Thank you so much!

Pamela Hemann, CAE
Institute Director