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Beyond Boards

Larraine Segil, Chairman of the Board, Kandela Inc.:
Larraine was a keynote speaker for Beyond Boards at the Montage Hotel in Los Angeles alongside the Founder of Atari Game and Co-Founder of Fortnite. Additionally, the Exceptional Women Awardees Foundation (EWA) of which Larraine is Chair and CEO, announced that their June 2019 Cohort will include multiple senior women executives from Intel, Deloitte, KPMG, Adecco, and more. It will also include a Senior Woman Commander of the Los Angeles Police Department, their first woman in Public Service (on a full scholarship). The sessions aim to elevate women to the C-level in over 30 different industries.

Fireside Chat

Larraine Segil recently did a fireside Chat with the former Chairman and CEO of Frontier Communications a Fortune 200 company for NACD So Cal in Los Angeles.
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First Southern California NACD

Larraine Segil Chairing the first Southern California NACD ( National Association Of Corporate Directors), WCD (Women Corporate Directors), C200 ( Committee of 200 Global Women CEO’s) event October 9 2012
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Larraine Segil ’79, a prominent business leader and Southwestern alumna, was elected to Southwestern’s Board of Trustees at the Board’s May 2012 meeting. Ms. Segil is a highly respected senior executive with entrepreneurial general management experience and specialized expertise in conflict resolution and the creation, implementation and management of complex business alliances in multiple industries – healthcare, technology, consumer products, manufacturing, aerospace and financial services.

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Speaker advocates for local alliances

By Sara Mitchell
Signal Staff Writer

Businesses should create partnerships and alliances to delegate tasks and to keep money and commerce local, said Los Angeles-based business author and speaker Larraine Segil during a Lunch Mob meeting on Wednesday in Santa Clarita.

Open Breakfast Event

Corporate Directors Forum Hosts Open Breakfast Event: Questions Boards Should Be Asking about Emerging Technology

In today’s businesses, demand for technology and data continues to increase, but technology’s growth is still outpacing the assessment, managing and monitoring of it. At its open breakfast event, Corporate Directors Forum is giving San Diego business leaders a chance to learn what questions boards and management should be asking about emerging technologies and how those technologies can be used to move their businesses forward in a constantly changing world. Panelists will share their points of view on how boards should be thinking about technology issues and will address the following topics:

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PODCAST – The Working Week 45
March 12, 2008

Wayne talks to author, consultant and business executive, Larraine Segil, about inspiring innovation through alliances and partnerships – both internal and external.
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Larraine D. Segil

Larraine Segil captures audiences with her unique, personable and highly professional style. She speaks on the management tools that make the right stuff–Alliances, Leadership, E-business and Humor.

Most Requested Topics:

* Leading Knowledge Workers for the Millennium: Larraine will present the “Ten Qualities to Make Managers into Leaders” and the organizational characteristics to attract and support them. She has created a formula that will enable an organization to bridge the gap between yesterday’s leadership models, and the mandates of the new contemporary market-space. She will explain her approach using a simple methodology so that the audience can examine their own characteristics, corporate structure and culture, to determine how they can enhance leadership skills and increase knowledge capital.

* The Seven Trends That Are Changing the Way Business Works: Larraine presents the “Power of 7.” These trends are like the Walls of Jericho and provide entrance into a world of opportunity. They include: Global Security, Knowledge Transfer, Alliances, New Leadership and others. Like Joshua, persistence and determination to understand and excel in all 7 areas means that the walls will fall revealing the treasures inside–only the brave and focused will prevail.

* Strategic Alliances: Why do our alliances seem to start off well and then lose momentum? How can we ensure that every manager understands the risks and advantages in an alliance? Whose responsibility is the alliance? Does our company have the culture to create and manage valuable ongoing alliances? Sixty percent of all alliances fail at 3.5 years. In order to make them successful, alliance participants need a clear understanding of the success and failure factors covered in this presentation. The audience will leave with a set of tools that will allow them to create and add value to their roles in all kinds of alliances, whether between different divisions or functions of their company or externally with alliance partners.

* How to Create Global Competency in Your People–Managing Across Cultures: Larraine Segil has created a systems approach that will prepare participants for effective business management in any culture. Applied by companies such as Oracle and Dupont Agrichemical/Pioneer Hybrid This approach works no matter your job function–research and development, sales and marketing or senior management.

* Shift Your Mind Into a new Way of Looking at Alliances…Larraine Segil’s Mindshift Methodology™: Successfully managing an alliance or corporate partnership requires not only a strategic business justification, but also the compatibility of the corporate cultures of the alliance partners. Although appropriate planning, preparation, implementation, and change strategies are integral to the achievement of alliance success, the importance of the cultural elements between organizations is often underestimated.

Measuring What Matters

Metrics Matter
By Larraine Segil
Financial Executives International, December 2004

It’s an unfortunate fact that 70 percent of alliances fail, yet, ‘going it
alone’ doesn’t make financial sense. Forging successful partnerships is critical
for giving companies a strategic advantage, and the way to ensure they work is
expressed in one word: METRICS.

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Strategy Insight: MERGER OF EQUALS

September 2000

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