Larraine Segil gave the KEYNOTE ADDRESS today September 14th 2011 to THE JOINT GARTNER VENDOR OUTSOURCING & IT SUMMIT and GARTNER INVESTMENT SUMMIT in Orlando FLA– to great acclaim. She has spoken for The Gartner Group before – and the audience is always highly engaged and intelligent. Her Topic was:
Creating Value in Partnering

Internal and External Business Relationship Management

This was the message that Larraine delivered:

“Delivering value in cross cultural, cross industry and cross divisional partnerships is challenging. Sometimes it’s challenging to get your OWN organization to deliver what you are promising your partners. Supplier Relationship Management has become a science as well as a series of best practices that enables customers and suppliers to develop integrated and valuable sustainable relationships. But how do you manage the external and internal changes that move the dial on these relationships? The competitive forces now operating in supplier/customer relationships stress even the most sophisticated executives and managers. She presented an approach that enables conference attendees to walk away with real life management tools to simplify and create increased value in their critical business relationships. “ Participants gave her HIGH marks and left the plenary session for their breakouts energized ( and entertained!).