Attend Strategic Alliances for the most up to date information on alliance management in poor economic times.

What are the benefits of strategic alliances in tough times?

* Immediate impact for short term, low investment projects to leverage resources of all partners (e.g. joint R&D, distribution, and licensing)
* Expansion of your human resources without increasing overhead by using the installed base, extended workforce, or globally distributed team of another company
* Suppliers and customers leveraging your products and services: cut your costs by removing duplication of service capabilities – let your supplier take on more turnkey activities so you can
keep core competencies in house (EX.: P&G)

You’ll learn how to demonstrate to senior management how mission critical alliances are as part of your company’s long and short term strategy, for top line growth and bottom line cost cutting, as well as how alliances fit into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), a board level issue.

Strategic Alliances covers the new trend of multi-party innovation alliances for joint R&D and go-to-market product development.

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